The founder of Oceania Legal, Flavia Canelhas Ribeiro De Souza, is a trusted and accomplished Australian commercial lawyer providing sound and effective advice for almost two decades on a variety of industries: education, retail, hospitality, building and construction, manufacturing, IT, insurance, health, marketing, recruitment, franchises and others.

Flavia is a sharp, insightful and talented legal services professional.

Flavia’s ability to bounce and thrive in high pressure and challenging scenarios, her focused, learner and independent nature, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, have naturally lead her to a path of leadership and high achievements in her career.  

With a direct style of communication and strong academia background, many of Oceania Legal’s clients appreciate how complicated concepts can be translated into day-to-day plain language and understanding. Flavia is also a casual lecturer at Kaplan Business School teaching graduate and post-graduates theory and practice of  Australian commercial law.

Flavia is fluent in English, Portuguese, and has good communication skills in Spanish and French.


What is NewLaw?

Continuous innovation is the hallmark of a NewLaw firm.

This term seems to be a buzzword at the moment, but really, NewLaw is simply a new way of thinking – whether that is as to how we price our services, how we drive efficiency within the firm via the use of high technology and how we manage our team.

So How do we Help You ?

Because we are a tech law firm (NewLaw), we serve most of our clients online allowing us to reach you countrywide and overseas, wherever you are or come from.

Like most businesses these days, we do most of our work by telephone, email and video conference. If you prefer a more personal and ‘live’ approach, we are all for it as well and you can book a visit to our headquarters in Sydney. We also have offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

On top of all that, we use cutting edge technology to make legal services more agile, reliable and accessible to all.

What do we mean by ‘cutting edge technology’?

It means we create advanced legal documents in minutes, not hours and days. We are powered by legal automation technology built by lawyers who have worked with some of the largest law firms in the country. Most documents in our suite can be produced in under 20 minutes.

The services then become more cost-effective for our clients.

We can assist clients across Australia and anywhere in the world. Anyone can become an Oceania Legal client as long as they have an internet connection.

What is our Source of Knowledge?

Oceania Legal background and proven expertise come from working in leading commercial law firms and in-house at blue-chip multinationals in Australia and across the world.

This is a powerful set of complete business, commercial and corporate skills that we are proud to use to assist you.

Besides our cutting-edge technology, we utilize the best and most powerful legal databases just like any other ‘many partners’ firm. We are proud to count with the wisdom and experience of leading expert professionals who gravitate around us and act as ad hoc consultants whenever a project requires. Just like a ‘many partners’ firm. But a little more flexible and perhaps, more agile.

As we said, a win-win partnership, always.

Why don’t we need a ‘many partners’ model?

Does one, in order to provide effective and intelligent professional services, need to be tied up to a large mob of peers within one single financial structure business model?

In our business model, we seek to divert from structures with high costing, slow moving, hard-to-change internal systems that not necessarily benefit our clients.

Many of those structures from the past seem to perpetuate an equity and profit holding model which, in our view, facilitates the status quo and at times nourishing inflexible and helpless professional services environments.

What is our differentiation?

We started different at a time where the professional services market is changing, it is calling for disruption. We are part of the ‘smaller players’ that come into this disruptive market because there is such ample opportunity and a sore call for change and improvement in the way things have been set for so long in the legal industry.

We are living in a world of increasing demand for professional services that are more personal, emotionally intelligent, agile, flexible, realistic and cost effective.

We are blissful and proud to be a part of this selected pool of ‘smaller’ disruptors not afraid to be different and challenging the status quo. We understand that, in time, this selected pool may well amalgamate into something bigger all together, turning it into a new reality of unparalleled transformation.

We are delighted to see that ‘small player’ groups are the actual catalysts for the revolution in the professional services environment. No doubt we are here to streamline, provide a more efficient platform, with more knowledge and education to the public, more flexibility and choices in the services providers and, as consequence, a much better place for everyone.

Above anything else, any disruption in systems, processes, way of thinking, Oceania Legal is an adept of continuing education and learning. Even after 20 years in legal services. We keep engaged, up-to-date and connected to a powerful network of outstanding peers who we continuously learn from.

We believe in sharing knowledge, in the pursuit of technical preparation, strategy and on a continuous need for genuine curiosity around our topics.

We use simple and objective language without letting go of the knowledge and passion for what we do best:

throwing light on the path of our clients journeys, getting them the answers and helping skyrocket their achievements.

Oceania Legal proudly supports businesses and entrepreneurs of all industries, nationalities and walks of life.


We’re here to help answer your questions. Legal matters can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your query.

We take great pride being able to use our expertise to help and will be delighted to hear from you.

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