Director approvals for execution of documents

All too often, startup founders are not aware of Company Secretarial legal obligations and the company’s fundamental documents are thrown together with little thought, if any.  This may cause serious issues down the track.

Important company secretarial documents include:

·       register of members (ie, shareholders) and option holders;

·       share certificates evidencing the shareholdings;

·       application forms when investors subscribe for shares;

·       transfer forms when shares are bought and sold;

·       board resolutions approving all issues and transfer of shares and other key decisions of the company (eg, entering into major contracts, paying dividends, etc);

·       consents to act as directors;

·       company constitution; and

power of attorney authorising key executives to sign documents on behalf of the company.

Time To Complete:

Approximately 10 minutes.


Approximately 5 pages long.


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